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Market and sector studies

Market analysis and industrial organization, considering impacts on supply and demand before the entry of new actors, regulatory and industry changes, identifying opportunities and environmental risks.

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Design and Evaluation of Public Policies

Formulation, pre-feasibility analysis and design of public policies with a broad approach, considering the institutional context that allows effective application. We also develop impact evaluations of public policies.

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Conjuncture Analysis

Analysis of the reality from an economic, political and social perspective, through the preparation of reports and studies to companies, associations or public and private institutions on a regular or sporadic basis, to serve as a support in decision-making.

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Project Evaluation

Estimation of the profitability of investment projects, considering their potential market, competition, flow analysis and projections.

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Design and Survey of Economic Indicators

Considering variables of interest and low econometric analysis models, we develop indicators that allow us to monitor the behavior of different sectors of the economy.


Santa Magdalena 10, oficina 26, Providencia